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Using promotional products to promote your business is a proven method to generate results. However, the promotional world is shifting. Gone are the days where putting a logo on a standard pen will suffice. Companies are looking to differentiate themselves and their brand with promotional products. Showcasing your logo on a product that reflects your brand and is relevant to the recipient has become even more important.

Following some key consumer and market trends when choosing promotional products can increase the relevance of your product and in turn improve the success of your marketing campaign.

The Technology Craze - The increase in technology, social media and mobile accessibility is affecting all industries. Everyone wants to have the newest gadget or the hottest product on the market. Align your company with this craze and look for items that demonstrate that you are in line with the times. iPod and iPad accessories, travel speakers, and solar chargers are at the top of the promotional product trend list this year and make great gifts for customers or employees.

Trouble-Free Travel - Traveling should be a stress-free experience, but with the change in regulations, many people need a yoga class to help them de-stress after a day of trekking through the airport. Security-friendly computer bags help to bring down that stress level. They are designed so there is no need to remove your laptop when going through security. Simply unzip your bag, lay it flat on the belt and send it through the x-ray machine. Security-friendly bags are available in all sizes and price points. Make sure to outfit your sales force with one of these, or send them to key customers as a thank you gift.

New Ways to Stay Green - The eco trend has been around for some time and people are now looking for something beyond the polypropylene grocery tote to show their commitment to the environment. Laminated polypropylene totes are the new craze. Many come preprinted in fun, fashionable shapes and designs that will help make your logo stand out. They are sturdy, reusable and 100% recyclable.

Increasing the Cool Factor - Sometimes a traditional product is what you need for your promotion. There are many products out there that add a twist to the traditional to help increase that cool factor. A subtle color pop, change in shape, mixed materials, or preprinted design help to make a product more fashion-forward while also amplifying your logo. You can find these fashion twists in bags, pens, drinkware, and umbrellas to help impress your audience.

Stay in touch with current trends and choose to put your logo on something a bit non-traditional this year. It will increase the chances of your product being used again and again, and increase the exposure of your brand.

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